Future Business Leaders Programs

NIB’s award-winning Business Leaders Program (BLP) was launched in 2003 to prepare individuals who are blind for careers in business by providing educational and employment opportunities through professional development.

NSITE has re-imagined the Business Leaders Program and its components for 2023 and beyond. It is designed to meet the needs of leaders at all levels in today’s rapidly changing workplace environments.

These programs are currently in redevelopment for the Business Leaders Program.

Business Management Training

Business Management Training (BMT) is a 15-month program that develops critical business perspective and management abilities.

BMT targets qualified, high-potential employees of NSITE and NIB associated agencies who are blind and demonstrate leadership potential. Throughout the five on-location classroom sessions, participants build critical skills while earning a Certificate in Management.

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Emerging Professionals

Emerging Professionals, a new track in the Business Leaders Program, is an onsite, hands-on professional development program that targets high-potential employees who are legally blind for career progression. It is customized, meeting the professional development needs of each participant. The program is most beneficial for employees who have mastered their current positions and are ready to expand job tasks and responsibilities, and lead others.

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Fellowship for Leadership Development

This dynamic program combines business-focused, on-the-job experience with professional development activities. Legally blind individuals are selected based on experience, competence, academic achievement, motivation, references and interviews.

Successful fellows have landed professional and upwardly mobile managerial positions in the NSITE network of associated nonprofit agencies and the broader business communities.

Leaders at All Levels

Leaders at All Levels is on-site training that focuses on fundamental skills and qualities that enhance workplace effectiveness throughout NSITE’s network of associated agencies. The training focuses on interpersonal communication and teamwork, with the benefit of enhancing effectiveness and morale.

For questions or to discuss any of the Future Business Leaders Program tracks, please contact Marianne Haegeli at mhaegeli@nsite.org.