NSITE Sourcing Specialist Certificate Program

Accepting Applications

NSITE partners with SocialTalent and Bristol Myers Squibb to offer a Sourcing Specialist Certificate Training Program specifically designed for individuals who are blind and visually impaired. This 18-week program provides the education, training, and an integrated 8-week work experience in a corporate talent acquisition environment that are needed to enter a career in Sourcing.

Projected Program Start Date: Winter 2025

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Tuition: $5500.00

Sourcing Specialist Program Participants will complete:

  • Instructor-guided, structured online learning with career advisor insights (12 weeks) on topics such as Search Basics, Social Sourcing, Agile Methodologies in Recruitment, etc.
  • Professional Sourcing Work Experience (8 weeks): An invaluable opportunity to apply new sourcing skills in a corporate talent acquisition environment; activities include researching and identifying potential candidates, sharing findings with recruiters, and observing and contributing to a full recruitment lifecycle.
  • There is a cost associated with this training.

Program participants will also receive support in maximizing their own personal branding, developing best-in-class LinkedIn profiles and resumes, and preparing for job interviews.

Successful graduates of the NSITE Sourcing Specialist Program will receive the NSITE Sourcing Specialist digital badge, a credential that provides evidence of the earner’s achievement and can be shared with potential employers, recruiters, and networks via email and social media.
The focus of NSITE’s Sourcing Specialist program is to provide individuals with the professional training and corporate work experience that will prepare them to become Sourcing Specialists and then assist program graduates with job placement.

NSITE Sourcing Specialist Credley Badge image
NSITE Sourcing Specialist Badge image

For more information, please email info@nsite.org.

Sourcing is an integral part of recruiting – recruiting doesn’t exist without candidates.

Sourcing refers to the initial phase of recruiting where passive candidates are found through a variety of search methods. NSITE’s Sourcing Certificate Program provides comprehensive instruction in using and applying the tools, resources, and research methods needed to locate passive candidates and their contact information. The sourcer then “hands off” this information to a team of recruiters who carry out the qualification, interview, and placement process.

Career opportunities for professional sourcers are abundant, have seen consistent growth over the past several decades, and are expected to continue to increase well into the future. Employment opportunities exist within companies where sourcers support recruiters as well as at many executive search/recruiting agencies. The professional sourcing career field offers some unique aspects, including considerable flexibility in terms of when and from what internet connected location work can be completed and offers may remote employment opportunities.