Job Seekers

Let NSITE connect you with employers that recognize your value and are ready to invest in your career development. We provide support for the duration of your career, from job search to onboarding and beyond, with award-winning training programs, career-relevant professional development opportunities, and certification programs that position you to showcase your capabilities and advance in your career.


  • Jobseeker’s Toolkit
    NSITE and American Printing House for the Blind Connect Center bring you the Jobseeker’s Toolkit, an accessible, self-paced, free online training course. The purpose of The Jobseeker’s Toolkit is to help you acquire and build critical tools that will ultimately help you conduct a successful job search. The Toolkit’s five courses are structured into modules and activities that build on the content and exercises of the preceding course. Access the Jobseeker’s Toolkit courses via our Learning Management System NSITE-U.
  • Job Board
    Let us connect you with an employer that will set you up for success.
    • Finding a job that’s the right fit is important, but finding a workplace that’s ready to welcome you and provide accommodations is critical.
    • Our cloud-based job board gives you access to open positions for a variety of fields and skill levels.
    • Access the NSITE Connect Job Board.
  • NSITE Support
    We work with employers to make sure they have technology and accommodations to help you succeed in place, even before day one. After you start working, we’ll be there to provide professional development and training so you can keep growing in your career.
  • NSITE Training
    NSITE, NIB’s national talent management enterprise, delivers award-winning training and professional development for people who are blind.
    • These programs empower people who are blind to build successful careers in fields of their choosing.
    • From intensive development programs designed to prepare participants for professional managerial positions, to technical training in growing career fields, NSITE’s training programs open up a world of opportunity for people who are blind. View our Training Programs.
  • NSITE Veterans
    Provides veterans who are blind, visually impaired, or have other disabilities with a wide range of career options, training, guidance, and other support as they transition to civilian life.