Business Leaders Program – Effective Supervision

NIB’s award-winning Business Leaders Program (BLP) was launched in 2003 to prepare individuals who are blind for careers in business by providing educational and employment opportunities through professional development.

NSITE has re-imagined the Business Leaders Program and its components for 2023 and beyond. It is designed to meet the needs of leaders at all levels in today’s rapidly changing workplace environments.
Currently offering: Effective Supervision

Effective Supervision: Making an Impact

Effective Supervision is designed for high-potential employees who have career goals aligned with supervision and management. Participants will be applying enhanced leadership, teamwork and decision-making skills back on the job, while earning a Certificate of Achievement (digital badge) from NSITE.
No need to travel or be away from your office for extended periods of time – we bring the learning to you!
Program Start Date: June 2024
Tuition: $1950.00
What is included in the tuition?

  • 12 weeks of virtual learning and instruction
  • Three self-paced online courses on Effective Staff Supervision
  • Six 2-hour-long highly participatory bi-weekly virtual instructor-led meetings
  • Continuous engagement via NSITE-U that brings learning from workshop to work
  • Blanchard’s SLII® Self-Assessment and Concepts workshop for situational leaders
  • The digital credential NSITE Effective Supervision Certificate after successful program completion

Tuition Assistance

  • If you are a blind or visually impaired employee of an NIB associated Nonprofit Agency, you may qualify for an NIB Training and Professional Development grant. NSITE will be able to provide additional guidance to qualified applicants.

Who Should Enroll

NSITE’s new Effective Supervision is the essential professional development opportunity for experienced and aspiring managers.

What Topics are Covered?

This fully virtual 12-week program addresses key supervisory responsibilities while participants explore and co-create solutions for managerial challenges, including the following:

  • Adapting to the changed role of the supervisor during disruptive times
  • Viewing and applying Effective Supervision in the larger organizational context
  • Distinguishing between Supervision, Management, and Leadership and applying each appropriately to emerging situations
  • Building awareness of preferred supervisory styles and expanding style registers for optimal management outcomes
  • Conducting crucial conversations with confidence for positive impact
  • Sustaining both yourselves and your teams during difficult times

What are the learning and leadership outcomes?

Effective Supervision develops participants’ abilities to perform supervisory jobs with greater productivity, effectiveness and responsibility, keep business operations running smoothly, and increase team morale and productivity.

All NSITE programs are adapted for the learning styles of blind and low-vision learners.
All may apply. However, qualified applicants who are blind or have low vision receive enrollment preference.

For questions or to discuss any of the Business Leaders Program tracks, please contact Marianne Haegeli at