NSITE Offers Staffing Solution at Vermont Manufacturing Summit

Several people in a large room standing and talking to each other at a conference

By Jonathan Lucus, Executive Director, NSITE

Many businesses today report a crisis in identifying and retaining employees who are well-trained, highly motivated and eager to become part of the team.

It was a topic that took center stage at Vermont’s Chamber of Commerce Manufacturing Summit at the end of October. We were delighted to participate, and to demonstrate how our accessible training could solve the problem of both training and employing Green Mountain residents who are blind or low-vision AND help fill thousands of manufacturing and production positions that remain open in Vermont. 

By participating in the Manufacturing Summit and attending the virtual presentations we were able to gain a good understanding of the challenges that face the manufacturing sector in Vermont and in neighboring Quebec, so we can better assist these businesses in their quest to fill vital roles.

Importantly, NSITE is training and helping place individuals who are skilled in IT, cybersecurity, HR and customer-centered communications. It was apparent from our meetings and conversations with business leaders that these skills will be invaluable to help fill open positions across the state.

Partnerships & Team Lead to a Win-Win
Meetings like this Manufacturing Summit bring together like-minded industry leaders who seek solutions to their business challenges. Vermont’s involvement on a state level, offering government support and bringing to the table disability experts like NSITE, who can provide a new answer to an ongoing program, shows the teamwork that the state, business community and not-for-profit organizations can use to help drive the business sector forward into the future.

These well-paid positions support an economy that thrives for the many manufacturing industries that call Vermont their home. We’re excited about this opportunity to help support Vermont’s economy for both the companies and potential job seekers.

Jonathan Lucus, EdD, MPA, EML is the Executive Director of NSITE, a DC-based non-profit that connects corporate leadership to exceptional, dedicated employees, and supports organizations across the entire continuum of corporate training, talent recruitment, talent development, onboarding, and long-term support. He was named one of Business Insider’s Top 33 HR.