With NSITE, you don’t have to go it alone

4 individuals facing away from the camera wearing multicolored coats with their arms interlocked at the waist

By Marianne Haegeli

Program Director, NSITE Learning and Leadership

I’m Marianne Haegeli, and I’m the Program Director for Learning and Leadership here at NSITE. If you have been following us, you already know that we offer an array of courses and training modules that meet the highest standards of corporate America, all packaged in a format that is accessible for blind and low vision registrants. 

But I think what I, personally, am most proud of, is the supportive spirit of teamwork we offer everyone who comes through our programs. Whether they are taking a course that extends over months in their quest to develop a new career path, or they’re taking a self-guided training module to build on their current skills, NSITE is working with them every step of the way. 

This sense of partnership is built into our DNA here. We work very closely with Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors and job candidates before, during, and even after someone takes one of our courses, to make sure that they’re well prepared for our program, that they’re doing well with the course work, and then, as-needed, we continue to work with them to help them find the best position, or to counsel them to accelerate their career growth.

When we established NSITE, we knew we wanted to create courses that were purposeful and could stand with any of those career skills training and professional development programs offered by leading business and educational institutions. To do so, we collaborated with Google, CISCO, Bristol Myers Squibb, the American Printing House and others, to develop programs that help blind and low vision job seekers be well-prepared to establish themselves and grow their chosen career.  

We offer many courses, including ones to develop entrepreneurship and leadership skills as well as programs to help move people into careers in IT, HR, and contract management support. Knowing that many talented job seekers are at different stages of their career, we created modular, stackable career trainings, many self-guided, to fit the schedules and needs of busy professionals seeking to develop new or enhanced job skills. 

And, importantly,  all are designed for the way blind and low vision individuals learn. We also have partnered with Credly to create a digital badge system for individuals completing courses with us. These badges help identify skills, and elevate candidates in employment searches. 

Perhaps most importantly, these courses are not one-offs. They’re all embedded into our larger career development program; so, as your career advances, NSITE will be there, working with you, to help you with new, updated skills to prepare you for your next professional step. 

We think the success we see with those who complete our programs speaks for itself. Interested in taking your career to the next level? Check out NSITE’s course offerings so we can celebrate your success with you.

Marianne Haegeli is an innovative, entrepreneurial leadership and professional development executive with a strong commitment to a learner-centric approach and a firm belief in the power that comes from teamwork.